A Father’s Day Alphabet Poem

With Father’s Day around the corner, I decided to take on a writing prompt challenge and create a poem using the alphabet. Hope this gives you inspiration as you create your own original message for the Dads in your lives.

A man among men,

Bold and bright.

Caring and kind,

Does everything right.

Eases our worries,

Forgives our mistakes.

Gives of himself willingly,

He knows what’s at stake.

Is open to new experiences,

Just make a suggestion.

Known for his wisdom,

Leaves a lasting impression.

Making hard choices,

Never complains.

Offers opinions,

Prepared to refrain.

Quiet when needed,

Resourceful when asked.

Sees the whole picture,

Then completes the task.

Unconditional love,

Valor beyond compare.

We are so lucky you have,

X-tra to spare!

You’re the best father, we just want to say.

Zany and funny and perfect in every way!

5 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Alphabet Poem

  1. Aw I love this poem! It was so cute and inspiring and I loved that you were able to fit the rhyming in there!

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