The Writing Process

On February 27th of 2021, I came across an ad regarding a Women in Publishing Summit beginning on March 1st and decided to register and attend this virtual weeklong event. I had been working on a book for a while and thought that now, in the midst of a pandemic, this would be a great opportunity to see what’s involved with publishing a book. I can say with 100% certainty, this was the best decision I ever made. I met so many wonderful people and have learned so much in the past 10 months.

Since beginning this journey, my book has evolved. It originally was structured as a workbook/journal focusing on life lessons I have taught my children followed by questions for self-reflection. But now, it has developed into a parenting memoir filled with stories of my life, my journey to parenthood and stories of my children.

When I first thought about the title of my book, I knew exactly what I wanted it to be but then began to doubt myself and settled on Life Lessons: Words of Wisdom to Inspire and Encourage Your Best Self. But as my book has transformed, so did my thoughts on the title and I have decided to go back to my original title, which is…

Word of Wisdom From The Everyday Mom

I have designed a new book cover and I am sharing it with you now. I am currently working on the final rewrites of my book and hope to have it completed by the beginning of the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit which begins on March 1st.

As I mentioned earlier, I have met so many wonderful people and it is these people that have helped me come to the realization that I need to trust my instincts. I am especially thankful for my pod, Kathryn, Leslie, Marilyn, Toby and Wendy and my sprint gals!! They support me, keep me motivated and are excited to see my finished product. I hope you will be too!

My New Title and Book Cover!!

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  1. I love what you wrote about WIP. Your cover is great. The colors work beautifully as a background for the text. Bravo!

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