There’s Always Hope

This past weekend, my kids were home from college and we decided to play Scattergories, one of my favorite games. The letter was “H” and one of the topics was, “The first thing you do in the morning.” So I answered “hope.” At first, it was just to fill in the blank, but then after giving it some thought, I realized I do wake up every morning full of hope.

Hope that it’s a good day.

Hope that my children, husband, family and friends are safe.

Hope that I have the strength to deal with what comes my way.

It helps to keep me positive, stay focused on what’s important and not get lost in the nonsense. I have a gratitude journal and each morning I write down three things that I hope to accomplish and at the end of the day I write down three things that I’m grateful that I accomplished. It usually doesn’t match up at all because life has a way of changing your plans, but this is exactly why “hope” is so important.

How do you start your day?

What are your first thoughts?

I’d love to hear how you mentally start your day…

4 thoughts on “There’s Always Hope

  1. I love your post, Lisa; I find it inspiring!

    And if I were to pull “H” today, I would offer the word “Happiness”–as in the phrase “Choose Happiness” (over Unhappiness, Worry, or Negative thinking.)

    As a matter of fact, I think I first heard that lesson from YOU!

  2. Lisa I enjoyed how you journal everyday. I start my morning off eveyday with my oatmeal and my reaching out to God to walk by my side all day and to keep my family safe.

  3. I love hope! Some people have suggested it’s a weak word, but I find it to be a very powerful force! Sometimes it’s all we can hold onto! My day begins with morning pages journaling and meditation (most days). Thanks for your post!

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