Kindness Matters

At first when Amanda and I decided to share her story, we were nervous about the type of response we would receive. But within minutes of posting, the comments started coming in and they were positive! Not only did we receive comments from our posts, but people began to reach out through texts, emails, phone calls and DM’s. Words of encouragement cheering her on, congratulations on the accomplishment achieved, offers of love and support as she continues on her journey, and finally, the most powerful of all, sharing of their stories.

It was an incredible feeling. We both had said, “If we could reach just one person…” and what followed in the next few days was overwhelming. It was truly an honor to be trusted with these stories. What we also realized was that we were no longer alone in this journey. We now have a community of people to lean on, to confide in, to laugh with, to cry with, and most importantly, a true understanding of what it means to deal with mental illness.

The most popular comment I received was, “I had no idea what you were going through.” You never know what another person is going through, so kindness, compassion, and understanding is important when dealing with those around us.

3 thoughts on “Kindness Matters

  1. Lisa, I have no doubt that your daughter’s story will help many. Thank you both for being transparent enough and brave enough to share it. Take care. And be encouraged that your stories are making a difference. Thank you.

  2. This is an important story. I am glad & praising God for her progress. Many times as I washed dinner dishes, I prayed for Amanda and your family. It means a lot to weather storms.

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