So much to consider when writing a book!

When I first began working on my book, I was filled with a sense of doubt and a lot of questions. What should I include in my book? What should the format be? Will this be a series of books, or just one? Will anyone buy my book? How do I market it? But the biggest question…How personal do I get?

This is something I have been struggling with the last few weeks. How real are you supposed to get with your readers? How much do they want to know? Will it help or hurt sales? So, I decided to look to the power of my pod and ask their opinion.

After a lengthy and deep discussion with the gals, I stepped back and took a hard look at my project. It became crystal clear that if I am offering parenting advice, I need to let my readers know who I am and explain my ups and downs of parenting and how I found my success that works for me and my family and that I’m not perfect. I need to let them see me as a real person who can provide real life, concrete advice. I want them to be able to relate to me and see themselves in this book.

So, I went back to the drawing board. I reworked the entire first half of my book, adding 3 more chapters of personal stories which I will be sharing with my pod for feedback. I also reorganized part 2 of my book and once completed, I printed it out so I could review it and see if I was on the right track. When I picked up the copy of my book and held it in my hands, it was the first time since I started this project, that it really felt like a book! It gave me goose bumps.

I have now shifted into high gear and hope to finish writing the last few pages in the next couple of weeks. Once complete, then it’s full speed ahead to the finish line! I am so excited to share my book with all of you.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I’m glad that our discussion was effective for you. I had this same talk with myself last year 3 different times and revised what I wrote about 5 times – until I felt I arrived my desired outcome. Makes sense. Congrats!

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