Celebrating Women!!

Happy International Women’s Day!!

Not only is it a day to celebrate women, but it also marks the 1-year anniversary of my journey to becoming an author!! As I look back on this past year, I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences I have had. It began with the Women in Publishing Summit which led me to participating in other writing conferences and workshops. I have learned so much and discovered a fountain of resources that will be useful when I’m ready to self-publish my book. I am excited to say that I am near completion!!

I joined various author/writing groups which was a great networking opportunity and allowed me to practice my 30 second commercial about my book. I can now say, that after many drafts, I have created a concise, informative description about my book. Here it is.

“I am a first-time author writing a parenting memoir focusing on the life lessons I have taught my children and the advice I continue to give them today as they navigate adulthood. My book is filled with wonderful stories from their childhood along with journal pages throughout the book for the reader to use as a tool for self-reflection and to engage with their own children. My book is titled Words of Wisdom from the Everyday Mom.”

I developed my author website, created an author page on Facebook and redesigned my Instagram page. I now have a weekly blog and promote it on various social media platforms and I’m steadily building a following. It’s so nice to get positive feedback and I love when my readers post comments.

I have met so many wonderful people and developed lasting friendships that I value deeply. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone as I travel this path. In addition, I had the honor of speaking at an International Women in Business event and was a panelist on a few webinars, all focusing on the power of peer mentorship.

It’s been a pretty good year and I look forward to what lies ahead.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Women!!

  1. Thanks for journaling about your journey. Indeed, this has been quite a learning experience. Great job!

  2. Guess what, Lisa? In honor of International Women’s Day, I’d like to recognize and celebrate YOU! You are just awesome!

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