My Favorite Road Trips

This week is spring break in our town and I am reminded of the many road trips taken with my family and friends over the years. My first vivid memory is of my trip to Disney World with my parents and sister. My parents woke us up in the middle of the night, packed the car and turned the backseat of our Pontiac Ventura into a bed for me and my sister. That backseat was huge!! It was a great adventure. I’ll never forget the first time we stopped at South of the Border. What a sight to see!! We had so much fun at Disney World. Some of my favorite memories were It’s a Small World boat ride, getting my first set of Mickey ears and the parade on Main Street.

In the years that followed, we took trips to places like Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and Washington D.C. By now, you all know I love the beach, so no complaints there. The cherry blossoms in spring are breathtaking and I love history, so Colonial Williamsburg is in my wheelhouse.

While in college, my friends and I drove to Florida every year for spring break. As music majors, we always had a class on Fridays that ended at 5pm and was always one of the last to leave campus. So, we would pack the car after class, get on the road and drive straight through. It was exhausting, but a lot of fun and we always made a point to stop at South of the border. It’s a tradition!

As a mom with a family of my own, we have taken road trips to places like Cape Cod, Rehoboth Beach, Maine, Washington D.C. and so much of the Jersey Shore. I have so many fond memories, funny stories, journal entries and pictures of all our adventures.

What are some of your favorite road trips?

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  1. You sure strike a chord, to use a musical phrase for you. I love for travel adventures. In fact, I am leaving in 10 days for a month long adventure west, by car, train, and ferry. (I will still see you via Zoom)

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