Inspiration and Creativity

What inspires you? Is it a person? A place? An object? A feeling?

I can say that my writing has been inspired by all of the above. My children are the inspiration for my book, the beach is my favorite place to write about, I’ve poured so many feelings into my poems and certain objects, like my instruments have helped with writing exercises.

What helps you get those creative juices flowing?

I meditate daily, use breathing exercises to help relieve tension and stretch to loosen and relax the muscles in my body. On a sunny day, I will do these exercises on my deck while taking in that much needed vitamin D. A good cup of coffee also helps to get the adrenaline going.

I have created numerous playlists to listen to and depending on my mood, one morning I may listen to classical music, the next day musical theater and other days I listen to 80’s and 90’s mixes. I may even listen to Christmas music in July! The options are endless when it comes to playlists.

When are you most creative?

I find that I’m most creative late at night, when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet. I put on some music, sit down at my desk and type away. Some of my most creative writing has been in the middle of the night.

Writing can be a solitary process, but through my blogs I am able to connect with others and appreciate your comments and stories that you share with me.

I’m looking forward to hearing about what inspires you!

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