Happy Birthday America!!

I have so many fond memories celebrating the 4th of July. It consists of days filled with family, friends, swimming, BBQ’s, music, laughter and fireworks! My mother absolutely loves fireworks, so when we were young, she made sure that we never missed it. It was the highlight of our day, whether it was viewing it in town, at the beach (our go to spot was Pt. Pleasant) or on a family vacation. Fireflies, ice cream and fireworks…those were the days!

Through the years, I have created so many fond memories celebrating the 4th of July. Some of my favorite places to view fireworks have been fireworks at the monument in Washington D.C., The Macy’s fireworks in NYC, fireworks at Great Adventure, The Meadowlands State Fair and any display at the Jersey Shore!

As a Mom, it was important for me to instill these traditions with my own children and now that they are grown, I see that I have made an impact on them. They are carrying on the traditions and making memories of their own!

What are your traditions? How do you celebrate the 4th of July? I’d love to hear how you celebrate the day.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, fun-filled 4th!!

Fireworks we were able to see from our backyard!!

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